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A New Day!

I know it seams like #2020 was the worst year ever for some of us. Some of us lost loved ones to death due to Covid-19 or some other illness. Some lost jobs, homes, cars, money, friends... This has been a year that we are not soon to forget. A year that only time can ease the pain. One of my dear friends said to me..."2021 cannot come quick enough". See, she lost her job, her condo, her dog ran away and she was isolated for most of the year not able to be with family. Part of her isolation was due to Covid-19 social distancing but most from her feelings of defeat and hopelessness. She shut herself off from us and the world because in her mind she thought she was no longer valued since she'd suffered so many losses. I went to visit my dear friend a few days ago and gave her a Reiki Energy Crystal healing session and offered her hope! She immediately perked up and vowed 2021 is going to be her year of reinvention! We laughed and i loved seeing the big pretty smile on my friends face.

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