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First Sunday of the Month Brunch (1stSOTMB)...

I started planning these first Sunday of the month brunches for my husband and our children, our very own tribe. I have family that I don't see or talk to often and it was always weighing on my heart, always made me a little sad inside. I said to my inner self...I don't want to feel like that my children to experience this type of loneliness, especially if it is something thats preventable, something that I can change for the betterment of my family, my tribe. If this was something that I had a strong desire to change, then let me do everything in my power to change it. So I planned Sunday Brunch every 1st Sunday of the month because I know how busy my husband and children are and don't want to set unrealistic commitments for them, and besides, I didn't want it to feel like a job. So I figure once a month, every 30 days was the perfect amount of time for us to get through the month then put our lives on hold for 1 day and truly engage and fellowship with one another.

Brunches have been a real treat for the kids and grandkids because they get to eat all they want and relax, be themselves, let walls and guards down and receive genuine love while we are in our most vulnerable state and in the safest space. This is one day set aside to truly exchange positive, loving, motivating, empowering energy among family and friends. The brunches are a real treat for me because I love to cook for a group. The food is prepared from my heart with my hands and with nothing but love every time. The brunches are an open invitation to talk it out, whatever’s on our minds, whatever we are going through. Let's group it out among the people that love and adore us the most. No fake energy over here! Those that don't share the same intent and don't possess that positive, uplifting energy will soon fizzle out and stop coming. Nothing but LOVE here. No JUDGEMENT. If you want to talk, talk...if not...just eat, have fun, laugh and we will see you at the next brunch if you choose.

Now, has the brunches always been perfect? Yes. Have they always been the best? Yes. Were some better than others? Yes. Everyone who attends the brunches always have a great time but during football season, I have to compete with the "Dirty Birds". Yep, football season. That's when the brunches are a little more intimate. These brunches have allowed me to truly experience my family in a truly unconditionally safe space. It's almost like Vegas..."What goes on at 1st Sunday of the Month Brunch stays at 1st Sunday of the Month Brunch". We have a great time playing games, talking, sharing ideas, sharing positive energy and most of all, enjoying a great meal every month. I look forward to planning the menu and finding the best recipes for new foods to introduce to the tribe.

The guest list for 1stSOTMB is always the children and grandchildren and their closest friends, family and extended family, best of friends and family, and sometimes folks with just good energy.

One of my recent guest asked who gets invited to the brunches? And truly, I let the energy guide the crowd. We are all energy and I have always been selective about the energy I keep around me and around my family. Energy exchange happens fast...think about waking up in a great mood then you run into someone with a bad attitude...what do you immediately get?...a bad attitude. Now, does it happen like that all the time? Yes, for the people who does not understand that we are all energy and we exchange energy all day and all night with other people and objects, and this exchange happens fast. For those of us who does understands this, we know to get away from that negative, bad energy in a hurry.

I tell people about the brunches after I have read their energy and engaged it several times, then wait for the perfect time to invite them to brunch. You see, nothing in this world, or even this universe is an accident or coincidence. When we learn to move like the universe, we will then began to manifest our desires more efficiently. So, I let the universe lead me, lol. I try to be attentive to my loved ones lives and instead of telling them what to do, (they are not going to listen anyways), I try to cook their favorite foods or decorate in their favorite color, and even invite someone with great energy that matches the vibe, the theme, the energy that's needed. Kinda sounds like i'm using people when I say I wait for the perfect time to invite them to brunch. Well, you get a great meal prepared from nothing but LOVEEEEEEE and affection (in my Future voice) and have fun with other amazing people with great amazing energy. After brunch is over it's back to business. The Hustle is real!

My most recent 1stSOTMB was my oldest daughter’s birthday. She was in Jamaica for her birthday and had such a great time that each time she FaceTimed me, I couldn't help but see the happiness in her face as she seemed so in her element. I thought, creative energy is what she needs to keep that feeling in the air. I bought self care journals for her and made plans to select my brunch guest according to her needs which was someone who was so creative and amazing that not inviting her would have been a total slap in the universe face. This young person is so freaking talented, creative, and awesome that sometimes I think she don't know how powerful and motivating her energy truly is. I was so grateful that she shared her amazing, awesome energy with us and hoped she left with a lighter, happier heart than she came with. I hope that for all my guests. Now, I say that to say this...If you didn't get an invitation or reminded about the brunch...don't be upset with was the universe!

I truly love you all and hope that you can start your own 1stSOTMB with your family and friends and sit back and watch as the family bond get stronger and stronger each brunch.

As always...Sending Loving Healing Energy your way.

And who knows...I might need to use your great amazing energy and invite you to the next brunch!

P.S. let me know if you decide to start having 1stSOTMB with your family and what positive impact you've noticed unfolding in your tribe already!

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