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Love...the one Law which crowns all other laws....

Love is the basis of our existence. Without Love, nothing would be possible. All the great ancient texts talk about God's Love and today more than ever we need to remember, embrace and share God's Love...without it we wouldn't exist. Without Love nothing would exist. God loved us so much, with so much passion that this love was shared with us, with the Universe. We all have a piece of God's love in us, it's call a heart and it's filled with God's fire and fueled by passion. Think about it...we are most successful when we are passionate about something or when we love something so much that not succeeding is not an option. Look at the most successful people in the world...Jay Z, Beyonce, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama....and the list goes on and on...they all have something in common that accounted for their success...#LOVE...whether it was the love of #money, #power, #success, #humanity or someone around them...without that burning fire in their hearts called LOVE, success would not have been possible.

We all have that fire in our hearts and sometimes events occur in our lives which cause our fire to become extinguished and we may exhibit Dis-Ease in our bodies such as #depression, #anxiety, #hopelessness, #helplessness, #pain, ect...I know all to well how unaddressed trauma wreak havoc on our lives and changes our course leading to our true destiny. During my childhood my fire was extinguished to the point that living no longer mattered to me, I was molested by my father and the pain, shame and devastation left me with a smoldered out fire. The love that once shined bright in my heart was as dark as the night without moonlight. But God loves us even when we don't love ourselves. We are all connected to God and each other through LOVE.

"LOVE- an energy of supreme intensity, the All-creating power, higher than which there is nothing else in the Universe. In other words, Love is the Sacred Fire to which all other fires are subordinate. Love is the one Law, which crowns all other laws. It creates and transforms all creation in the Universe. Love conquers everything, time, space, death, darkness." that was taken from one of my favorite books...The Book of Secret Wisdom translated from the Senzar by Zinovia Dushkova and I am living proof of how God's Love can transform and heal. Without the love of God, I wouldn't be here today to share my Love with the #world.

Think about what you love and is most #passionate about...what fuels your fire and gets you going everyday? That is where your success lies. I am passionate about sharing my love and bringing happiness and hope to everyone I encounter. My destiny is to share God's Love with the heart at a time!


















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