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Tangible 2 minute Tea

Welcome Friends,

This is my first post and I have so much to share but wanted to keep my posts to 2 minute reads.

What is going on with this Coronavirus???

I don't know what to say except for my friends to stay safe out there. Try to reduce your stress level as much as humanly possible. You may have to cut a few folks off for now or even make amends with some, but if that will reduce stress then tell them you will get back with them in a few months or welcome back. If you haven't been exercising daily for at least 20-30 minutes, please start, even if it's walking around your house...I literally walked 1 mile in my bedroom the other day. Try to eat more foods you must prepare yourself, even dessert and eat more vegetables and fruits. Meditate for 10-20 minutes each day and if you can, put your bare feet on the grass every day before the day ends even for 5 minutes. Most importantly, pray several times throughout the day thanking your creator for another day, hour, minute, second to be a better version of yourself. Like I said...I don't know what this Covid-19 is but these are a few things that has helped me stay safe. If you have some things you have been doing to stay safe please share.

On a Tangible Note:

Some people say "having a good life" means living your life and when it's all over you did almost all you wanted to do. Well I say having a good life means leaving out the way you came in...having done all you wanted and then some and when it's time to slow down someone is there to feed you when you're hungry, clean you when you're wet and poopy, understand what your laughs and cries mean, just like when you were a newborn baby. Now that's a good life! But you must be sure to invest now for a good life later such as strengthening your connections to health, wealth, spiritual, social, etc.. Start thinking about who will care for you down the road whether it's your children, grandchildren, cousins, strangers or whoever, just be sure you have a plan in place to ensure your caregivers will really know who your are.

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